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Give where you live

Your Gifts Help Santa Rosa County Residents

United Way of Santa Rosa County is here for you, your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

During disaster, crisis, emergency, or even while participating in volunteer and donation efforts . . . Over a lifetime, United Way directly or indirectly touches one in four people.

The opportunity to run a United Way campaign at your workplace is greatly appreciated. 

If you work outside of Santa Rosa County and your employer offers you an opportunity to contribute to United Way through annual payroll deductions or onetime gifting, be sure to designate your funds to United Way of Santa Rosa County to help ensure that donated funds benefit Santa Rosa.

If you do not designate your pledge specifically for United Way of Santa Rosa County, some employers maintain a default policy to donate the funds to the United Way office that is closest to the employees work addresses, instead of their home addresses. 

Whether renewing or contributing for the first time, rest assured that your donations and community volunteerism will help improve lives in Santa Rosa County. Every day. 


Annual Workplace Campaign is a way to Give Where You Live through one-time or automatic payroll deductions designated to United Way of Santa Rosa County. Kindly form by following instructions provided by your employer.

United Way of Santa Rosa County is local, efficient, and accountable. Contributions increase in value: each dollar provided to an agency that receives funding from United Way funds can be grown to seven or more times through matching grants they become qualified to apply for; $1 buys an average of five meals; trauma therapy for a child who has been abused costs $125 for each hour. No donation is too small to make a positive difference.


First Call for Help at 850.983.7200 is here when you or someone you know face confidential issues regarding housing, hunger, medical, financial, and utility assistance; disaster recovery, employment needs; clothing, toiletries, and school supplies; other necessities of life. Tell friends and please help spread the word.


Interns and Volunteers are invited to call 850.623.4507 to connect with many rewarding opportunities to help improve lives in Santa Rosa. Sign-up for annual drives to collect and distribute school supplies, turkey meals, Christmas gifts, coats, and diapers. Ask how we may be able to customize your volunteerism experience with us or at an agency we help fund.

Thanks for Your Support!